Are you Emo? Am I?

  • Many people say that they want to be an emo, and lately I've been searching about how to be emo and stereotype quizzes, lol I know that you are wondering (probably) that I am other stereotype...but the truth is that I am emo-goth. Being Emo, Preppy, Goth, Geek, Nerd and all those stereotypes is not about what you are wearing or who you are worshiping; also, people say that emo people cut themselves (probably a test for the poser here to prove them they are)...But Emo people do not cut themselves or are evil...Emo is about being EMOtional, showing emotions. Like artists who express their emotions here and there. Be an stereotype is how you think not how you dress.

    I was born this way for real

    People, humanity of today are lost. When I began to live, I was born with the mentality of a pure saint (I still am).

    -Let's be friends! let's help each other! -I say.

    -Fuck you and your dumb ideas- Others say.

    Life is depressing I think, but we can be happy in our safe place and sad when something terribly really happens. Always being rejected, pushed down. An angel of heaven living in the darkness. We have to make history, because the good is ending. 

    Those who call themselves good like a celebrity, are evil in the real world

    I'd being trying to look for help and guess what? People only want your money, YES! Those who help and are famous like Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and more, they just tell you 3 sweet words and ask for your money. Psychologist, psychiatrist are also one of my favorite ones in this list. Unless like one of my therapist did and I loved it, she helped me for free. Being Emo is not having a metal illness is all about the emotional.

    We the emo people have to express the negative part of this world even if Tumblr calls inappropriate content, hahaha, for real I had a Tumblr page and was all about how the world is becoming worst and when I wanted to see the page it said "sorry but this page is inappropriate". Some pages are avoiding the negative part of the situations but for there we can't be happy. We can help the world by letting them know why.

    Yes my sibling, we have day and night, rainy and sunny days. Equilibrium. Let's fight for what is ours!

    Why do we have to do this?

    For a better world.


    Be brave, do not let others push you down.


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  • Nimda
    Nimda ( I love the layout of your blog!) Here's my opinion... If your talking about stereotypes theirs barely any these days(at least from my experience) everyone is more open minded to new things these days,we live in 2018 not the 80's. Calling yourself...  more
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    Nimda because it's always been about the music not about the personality and even has it's own fashion but it's not something to really call yourself in my opinion it's really only something to relate to.
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    Nimda And of course Psychologist, psychiatrist, and therapist want your money! How are they gonna make a living? it's their job! There not their to help you on a minor problem their there for professional help! I wouldn't give my money to those...  more
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