Let's Get Nostalgic!

  • How about we all get a little nostalgic, can you all remember when you guys become emo? (or whatever you identify as)

    I'll go first.

    It was in 7th grade, I was in my Library class, and I was feeling pretty sad that that day, So I randomly searched up 'emo music' and I instantly fell in love, and the rest is history.


    What about you?


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  • YozorasWorld
    YozorasWorld Sometime in 2006 was when I really started liking the fashion aspect of it and some of the music. It kinda just grew more and more over the years until I really started doing it more seriously in 2009-10 was when I reallly started doing the hair right and all.
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  • silentvitriol
    silentvitriol In 2010, when I started the 6th grade, I was depressed. So I looked to the counterculture for a sense of belonging, even considering nobody I knew was emo. That ended in 2011, but later on when I was able to go deeper into the typical appearance and I...  more
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