Just Thoughts

  • Of course they see you, somebody has to be around. They lurk in plain sight, right under a giant neon sign that flickers in irregular patterns. Your shadow isn't the only apparition that walks in your every step. How quickly we are to disregard our once original thoughts. With so much doubt in the world, they made sure we where to succumb to the image they try to hide. Of course they see you, somebody has to be around .  .

    This world is wonderful in its own way. If you are one in a million, that could potentially mean that there are more than seven thousand people just like you. Is it wrong to want to be alongside like minded people? Seems a bit sheepy. Not like I'm really reaching out, let us say it's a signal. A call? Hmm .

    Is it all by chance? I used to believe in that. Nowadays I stay true to everything is already planned. Sure the possibilities are endless, but in this lifetime it is limited. Different versions of you are experiencing the other 99.99% of the things you will never experience. But that's okay, because that .01% of life you are experiencing will be true, to only you. (Sad to say we all died more times than we want to admit) So I'm sure in a different reality, things could be different. Sure some changes are drastic, it'll seem like it is by chance; but rest assured that it is not.

    Okay, okay, sure we like to pretend we are all normal. Well, some people embrace the insane parts, but for most people they will swear as they stab their child in the heart that they are normal. It's part of our natural instincts, it's what keeps us alive (for the most part). Maybe being normal is a way to condition people to not fully believe in themselves. I say let it shine, but don't be a ______________________ and Blind people. Dig? Dog.

    I DigDug