It Could Be

  • Sure things could be better,

    and of course they could be worse.

    Fact of the matter is, 

    we won't know until we know.


    Yeah, another random, blog? Post? Erm, yeah, can I talk about myself? I think I'm going to. Not like any of you really know who I am. Even if you did, it would still be left unread. It's mainly for venting, though I like to think that this helps me converse better. As long as I refrain from reading aloud again. I tend to do that, but whenever anybody notices I just say I was singing. Totally works. Bonus points if you get them to think you where on the phone via Blutooth.

    Lol. That isn't a thing. Not the previous statement, but the one after. "Lol". I swear, all these friggin different terms you youngin's are using. 'Back in my day... !'


    I hate when my phone goes off. Literally stresses me out like, okay?! So?! Haha yeah, stupid I know. Could be worse, I could be getting notifications of... Something bad happening? I think? Not too sure, I'll get back to you on that.


    Hey check out my videos, or not. Eh. 


    Anyways, I may not be proper 100% of the time.

    Ew. Lets write a story.


    So there was this one person who randomly stalked me and that was probably one of my best years because nobody notices me and for the most part that works to my advantage because I just work in the background, like your favorite song being sliced into a mix of a million bad songs, you just wont notice because You aren't paying attention. I suggest you do pay attention. They are closing in. They are coming. Even now as my Tin Foil Helmet gets chipped away ever so slowly over the passing days, I see far enough to know "It will" but not clear to know "When will"


    Yup yup