Videya Games

  • Who doesn't love to live a different life? I can't fully immerse myself into my favorite games anymore, it all feels so empty. Stupid adulthood had caused me to break away from that which I once loved.. That's okay, just shrug it off and continue enjoying.

    I normally play on my Playstation, I'm definitely a Sony kid. I do try to play MMORPGS or just hop on Steam and get down to some classic arcades or turn based strategy games. Some of my favorite Single player games would be (In no particular order) Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes (Ps1 and Gamecube Versions), Fallout: New Vegas (Reminds me of Home~), The Elderscrolls: Skyrim (Classic), DigDug, and Galaga. Just to name a few, but of course in the digital age, Multiplayer games are where it's at. 

    I've been playing Dead By Daylight recently, not the best but I have fun with it. I've been trying to get down on Grand Theft Auto V but with all the updates and everyone knowing cheats to get infinite monies, it makes it less fun. I get some kills in, but them trolls man, they got the cash flow yo. I miss playing Little Big Planet, I have the new one on the PS4 but going solo is kind of boring, especially because most of the awesome character designs are only unlockable with 2 or more players.

    Remember Runescape? haha that game was fun, now I play Mabinogi. Mabinogi is really fun, it's limitless really. You can do what ever you want in that game, well almost what ever you want. It has no class restrictions, they have some Race specific skills for Humyns Elves and Giants, but besides that you could be a dual gunning, song writer that cooks on the side after dungeon running. It's awesome. You should try it

    I guess that's it for now, next time let's talk about how everybody wants us dead and stupid!