"You just have to be honest, without so much passion. Otherwise you burn them out. Or yourself."

    The conversation stood silent, a familiar silence. Pacing back and forth, wanting to think out loud. 

    He cut the silence with slight chatter, looping back to a spew of thoughts and emotions. 

    I couldn't think, feeling crippled already, I limped my way back to the conversation by reassurance. A version of comforting in some sense. 

    Interruptions, we cut it short. A brief interview shortly after and then radio silence. We're all hostages, at some point we may fall in love with our captors. A sense of comfort, but to what extent? I could not say. My other Brother in danger of falling through the cracks, such a heavy feeling to free fall along with Him. Maybe we can find refuge somewhere in this tunnel system. Find a base and tunnel up, even when feeling down. 

    The pattern that finally can't be unseen, trapped under made up pressures, imposed debts, falsified information and the spread of willing ignorance. Isn't it much easier to follow along and protect those you like? Could that be justified? Maybe we can safely travel our own path. Either we make it, or we don't. 

    Is it that simple?