Let Us

  • Reaching out, peeking into the emptiness. The darkness around is cold yet comforting. Searching for a sound, listening in the silence. The feeling of wanting this to be the final journey into the void. But it's so much fun.


    It's cool not having anyone to tell about your day to. Always being around, but never found. Sure they see the flags but I convinced them Red is subjective. So here I am spinning around, my subtle wisdom spewing out unto the unforgiving sands of time. Forever lost, but for good reason.

    Temporary friends are cool, it's like you get all invested and feel like a bother after a couple days lol Their is a point to all this . . . I guess that makes sense. My favorite part would be how, of course, everything ties in as if it where scripted out and you realized they arent live at the moment because they are broadcasting a comericial.

    Friends are cool, the best way to describe friends is one of two ways: 

    1. Make bad ideas worse

    2. Make the bad okay

    If you're lucky, you might get both of them in one person! I think that's the best friend. I think I have one of those, we make eachother cry. its awesome. which I guess leads me to

    Best Friends are cool, you're allowed to feel things around them. You dont even have to talk to them all the time. You can just be like, hey, see you in like 5 years lmao but i'll hyu


    Can we be friends?

    Haha who knows man, Im friendly, I'm just -dumb-

    To sum it all up, 

    It's not that I hate you.

    I hate everyone c:

    what makes you so special? I dont even like myself boiiiiii