Blogs » Hatred


  • Hatred is what I want to feel
    But yet I do not feel it at all
    In replace of that hatred is annoyance
    I'm annoyed because after all this time
    That you could have been in my life
    You chose to stay out of it
    I'm annoyed that now that my life is going good
    You want to come into it and wreck it

    I'm not going to allow you to destroy
    What I have built
    I'm not going to allow you to destroy
    The happiness that has been brought into my life
    I'm not going to allow myself
    To fall for your lies and games
    No longer

    I have told you what I felt
    And you chose to just laugh
    You laughed like this is just some game
    When in fact this is real life
    And you can't just chose to pick up
    Where you left off

    I don't feel hatred towards you
    But instead I feel sorry
    Sorry because once your life
    Starts crumbling down
    Who is going to be there for you
    I sure know that I won't
    Because I am moving on
    From this chapter in my life
    I have a child on the way
    And a loving fiance

    So sorry to say this
    But goodbye