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  • I have seriously got to the point where I can hide my emotions and feelings with ease.
    At times I want to let them out and escape everything that is going on mentally in my mind
    But my body does not allow me too.
    It puts up these walls and doesn't let them down
    Not for anyone or anything
    I guess it's my body's way of protecting me
    From the world around me
    If I don't let people in that means they can't hurt me
    If I let them in
    They have a chance to lie to me
    They have a chance to leave me
    I don't do well with people leaving
    Mostly because everyone that I had been close to
    Has either passed away
    Or they just leave without saying a word
    This last month I have hid my feelings so we'll
    I have not had the time to just let everything go
    The thoughts and images plague my mind
    I wish I would have visited more
    Wish I would have done a lot of things
    I feel as if I failed as a daughter
    I feel as if I failed as a sister
    As a granddaughter as well
    The only thing that I could grasp from everything
    That has happened lately
    Is spend as much time with the ones you love as you can
    And tell them everything that you have to tell them
    Because you never know when the last time you see them will be