I'll meet you on Destiny's Shore

  • I saw a distant shooting star
    From a different world that seemed so far
    A distant dream I hold onto
    Of a world together only we knew

    Cloudy days and darkened skies
    Held together by all the lies
    Broken nights and faded dreams
    A twisted fate of a world unseen

    Weird dreams and shadowed faces
    Of terror-struck chaotic places
    Now and lately I start to feel
    Like all of this could even be real

    A hope filled dream is torn apart
    And left me with a broken heart
    A jaded light, a faded glow
    Of a broken dream that I used to know

    My scattered dream lays piece by piece
    My tainted hope will never cease
    This vision that I clearly see
    Is but a far off memory

    A blurred and broken vision of you
    A guided path, I see is true
    I walk this empty road of dawn
    Your voice tells me to just hold on

    Forever waiting, filled with doubt
    Until a calm, soft voice cries out
    A spark of light gleams in my eye
    And brightens up the darkened sky

    The vision now is clear, I see
    Lost in the darkness, you came for me
    My dream I know is forever true
    Waking up in a world with you

    Piece by piece and line by line
    The dreams match up, yours and mine
    Broken, lost, but we'll be fine
    Because life and love, we're intertwined