"I Hate Myself And I Want To Die"-Nirvana.

  • "Runny nose and runny yolk,
    Even if you have a cold still,
    You can cough on me again,
    I still haven't had my fulfill.
    In the someday, what's that sound? (x4)
    Broken heart and broken bones,
    Think of how a castrated horse feels,
    (Alt: Think about some capsules of horse pills).
    One more quirky cliche'd phrase,
    You're the one I wanna refill.
    In the someday, what's that sound? (x4)
    Most people don't realize
    That two large pieces of coral,
    Painted brown, and attached to his skull
    With common wood screws can make a child look like a deer..."
    --Kurt Cobain. You Are Vehemently Missed... 1967-1994. </3