The Sad Side of Urbex

  • I love exploring abandoned places. But when you get to looking at old homes that have long been abandoned it can get really sad. You're looking at a home, the things in it once meant so much to the person that lived there. It tells their life's story. Many cases involve homes that were abandoned because the owner passed away. You see their life there and in one sense it is fascinating but in another it is sad because you see the decay surrounding it and you realize that it represents what is left of their legacy. Their life. You don't know their name, you don't know who they are or their stories. You are left with simple items and speculation. This makes you think. You wonder if that is all that will be left of you when you are gone? Will some random person be walking through your home and wonder who you were? What will they gather from what you leave? What exactly is it that you will leave? Or will you just leave a tombstone with nothing but your name and dates? Its fascinating to explore but on many levels it is just so sad to know that all there was that one person loved and meant so much to them is now left abandoned and decaying with people moving on all around it......