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  • Updates number JUAN

    MCC season 3 starts around September 22nd bringing customisation for Halo 3 & ODST Brought the premium line in the R6 siege battle pass and its crap. My penis was stolen by Bill Clinton on the 2nd of September. I still can’t be bothered to play GTA V. Still got that chu...
  • HeY EveryoNe Im SinGlE

    Shut the hell up. No one cares. You’re single because you look like a burned hotdog with measles.
  • Donald Trump Running Mates 2020

    Jones BBQ foot massage Moussaka F Moroccan Prison 7 The ding dong daddy Hash slinging slasher Alan ackbars Pete zoggs
  • Halo 3 ranking system

    Halo 3 had by far the best ranking system of any Halo game. 1 win = 1 exp. you start at recruit with the max rank being 5 star general which is 5000 exp. your rank is effected by skill. Skill is monitored in every ranked playlist. As seen below you need to certain skill to reach a certain rank. Gene...

  • Peteysquiffles 2020 election candidates

    Smunkosue Sigmund Mobley Steve me alone Willy honkas Snigward squeefticles ReLLyUnpleasant Ronald Bunt MLGxxBBQWheelieBin78xx Teen chat 13 to 19 Chimney Savile
  • Facts of life.

    Booty over boobs. Mild cheese is the best. Coffee is disgusting. Spiders are gross & deserve to squished. Newborn kittens are cute but sound annoying af. Dogs are the goodest pets \u2764\ufe0f. Slimming down is a nightmare. Your right to be offended doesn’t trump someone’s free speech. Most ...
  • Makes no sense

    How tf you going to be mad about Tropic Thunder but say nothing about White Chicks lmao. Suhhh this planet is dumb af. People tryna use the historic argument. racism is racism. i don’t agree with either film being called racist. But if you must go down that path then fucking go fully in & call out W...
  • GF for hire

    Hello basement dwellers & virgins of emowire. I’m looking for a girl to hire as my GF. I’ll pay you in PH coin. Obviously she needs to have a good personalityblahblah. And a big @ss. Your mum doesn’t count btw
  • Places that need to be raided instead of Area 51

    The Kremlin. Chernobyl. The Vatican secret archives. Pine gap. Church of Scientology.