Facts of life.

  • Booty over boobs.
    Mild cheese is the best.
    Coffee is disgusting.
    Spiders are gross & deserve to squished.
    Newborn kittens are cute but sound annoying af.
    Dogs are the goodest pets \u2764\ufe0f.
    Slimming down is a nightmare.
    Your right to be offended doesn’t trump someone’s free speech.
    Most modern musicians make mediocre & crap music.
    Everyone fears death even if they deny it.
    Everybody has looked into the toilet bowl after crapping at least once in their life.
    Tuna is gross af.
    Girls that smoke to look cool are lame af.
    Vegans make good food but are annoying af.
    Everyone in the 1990 to 2000 age group has looked at Rule 34 at some point:
    Eggs taste good but smell like death.
    Sharia law is disgusting and belongs back in the 1600s.
    Smoking weed doesn’t make you cool even though 420 culture can be artistic.
    Everyone has had that weird falling thing while in bed.
    Pichu is the best Pokemon.
    The LGBT community has nice people but the toxic ones are always the loudest.

    Furries need to just vanish gg.