• How can you finally have everything but still feel like your nothing and don’t belong. I’ve been alone for so long that it’s hard for me to be happy without the voices in my head attacking me.
    Once you have everything aren’t you suppose to be happy and stop feeling the pain you did before? The voices in my head haven’t shut up. They keep telling me I don’t belong here that he would be happier without me, that I’m a mistake, there’s someone better out there for him.
    These voices are what makes me want to put the razors to my skin and drown out all the voices with pills. When he’s near they shut up but when he’s gone they get louder and stronger. I love him so much, but I’m afraid that he’s gonna see that he can find better then me one day.
    I love him more and more everyday! The voices in my head remind me that I was never beautiful enough to find love. He tells me I’m beautiful all the time though. I love him and even though the voices in my head are loud I’ll continue to love him. He’s my light in this dark light and I need him now more then anything. If he leaves me I may shatter more then I ever have before.
    I will always love him (Now, forever, and Always!)


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  • imsoblah
    imsoblah Now i know this wont mean much to you but i'll just leave this here. I grew up with nothing. my parents hated me, they convinced me my friends hated me then isolated me from the rest of the world for literal years. i have had terrible terrible things...  more
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