• I'll never be good enough for anyone, I feel as if I keep trying and everything feels like it's going ok. Then out of no were I feel like I do something wrong and am told to leave.
    I will never understand what it takes to a "perfect" girlfriend, fiance, or wife. I asked my man if I could stay the night and he said "I would like for you to stay, but you should really leave. My parents dont like it when your here even if you have my nanas permission to be here. I CANT HAVE YOU HERE. I just dont understand.....why?!


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  • wiking
    wiking this seems more like an environemtal issue than an issue with you as a person, seems like your man needs to stand up to his parents most of all, a phase most ppl go through between 13-16 but form the text it seems he did not go through that phase
  • mckennabushh
    mckennabushh Honestly I’ve been what you’re going through too. And it life can be tough at times. But you should never change yourself for anyone else! Ik the feelings you’re feeling too. And sometimes I just need a good cry ,listen to music, take a walk, or...  more