Bare with me

  • You see, I don't know who this will reach. Or who this will impact. But I have to put this out there. If you are a member of the HBTQ+ community, you are valid. If you come from a different racial background (as in other than Caucasian), you are valid. Hell, if you happen to like other things, maybe the furry fandom, YOU ARE VALID. And it'll do you good to remember that. I'm Pansexual, so I can sympathise with some parts, but I don't belong to any other groups, I am not religious and I am a Welsh-Scottish Caucasian. But that doesn't mean that I can't help people feel validated. As long as you can remain proud of who you are, you are valid. The minute you start doubting yourself because of others, or even because of mental health issues, you just have to remember that you are valuable, you matter and someone out there feels the exact same way. Yes, it is hard to cope with mental illnesses, but do trust me when I say that you can make it easier. 


    To summarise, you are valid, you matter, it doesn't matter who you are. You could literally be a Heterosexual who isn't part of any of the aforementioned groups, but you still matter just as much as everybody else. Don't ever stop loving yourself.


    - Unprompted, emotional paragraph, over.


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  • NoSnoKing
    NoSnoKing Ouch, my head hurts so much. Got sick out of nowhere and the throbbing is real.
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