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  • Late night.

    Everyday when I come home I wish I had someone to come home to. That isn’t my mom, dad, brother ,or pet. I want someone who cares for me who loves me unconditionally it doesn’t matter if it’s on a screen or sitting on the couch watching a movie. It aches my heart everyday that people find their tru...
  • Relationships... suck

        Warning: NSFW So recently I started having a Long Distance Friends With Benefits relationship with a guy I'll call H (not his actual initials) we met on Whisper because I put up applications for sexting buddies because my love life was going to shit I had 3 failed dates and 2 failed...
  • Passing

    I just hate this. I have done everything to try to pass as male. I have a masculine name, I have my chest binded to be flat as a table, I try to have a low/deep voice, I refer to myself as a guy I introduce myself as a guy like 24/7. Yet somehow it doesn’t translate to some people that I hate my dea...