Relationships... suck



    Warning: NSFW

    So recently I started having a Long Distance Friends With Benefits relationship with a guy I'll call H (not his actual initials) we met on Whisper because I put up applications for sexting buddies because my love life was going to shit I had 3 failed dates and 2 failed micro relationships so I decided why the fuck not, new experiences and a day after I posted that H responded we were very flirty until eventually he gave me his Snapchat and I gave him mine and after a bit on that day he got jealous because that day I was gonna go on a "date" and said "fuck that date you have me" and at some point said "we would have a great relationship-" so it was obvious he was starting to have a crush on me. On the second day of this relationship, I started getting feelings for him I know that's the golden rule to FWB don't catch feelings, but I did he made me blush so easily, made me feel happy and giddy inside, and at some point started telling me how happy I made him and I felt the same way. At some point, we confessed our feelings for each other that's when our relationship became complicated because we both say I love you too each other, but we are still at an FWB standing we want to be together ,but we have to wait it out because we think it's too soon and just yesterday we got into a thing because I gave him my friends Snapchat who mostly wanted it just to mess with him and I okay'd it then me and H were sexting and at some point asked "how do I get your friend to submit to me?" of course this turned me off and at some point I said "You think I know I'm not the one trying to fuck her?" and we ended up having a conversation about it I was doing the whole "I'm fine" act and he kept telling me he was just curious and wanted to mess with her too and that he wouldn't leave me for her, but at some point I said "We are still friend with benifits why should I care you can go fuck and flirt with anyone you want" this obviously made him sad that I said that and at some point it started feeling like we were an actual couple then he said "Baby I just want to fuck one more girl then I'm all yours forever" I can accept that. Then we almost got into another thing because I feel inadequate because he has more sexual experience than me like the closest I've gotten is fingering and eating a girl out at a party he has done it all with all different women and men and I feel like he has had better than me he reassures me that he hasn't, but a part of me doesn't believe it at all because he could be speaking from his dick ,but idk all I know is my relationship status is at "it's complicated" but I just want to be with him already.


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