Late night.

  • Everyday when I come home I wish I had someone to come home to. That isn’t my mom, dad, brother ,or pet. I want someone who cares for me who loves me unconditionally it doesn’t matter if it’s on a screen or sitting on the couch watching a movie. It aches my heart everyday that people find their true love in ways that I have been trying to like going on dates with real life people, online dating, even not reaching the top shelf and they help out. These feelings are worse at night because at night I wish I could have someone hold me close and petting my head stroking my back occasionally whispering an “I love you” making me feel safe and protected if it’s online I want to text till we fall asleep or fall asleep on call together. It hurts everyday that I don’t have someone. I know I’ve talked about my FWB but he has been having issues and pushing me away and hasn’t talked to me in a while. It’s impossible for me to date people without thinking I’m cheating on him. But I’m almost always gonna be in pain that I don’t have someone and it’ll always hurt that while everyone around me has thriving relationships I’m by myself in the dark with my thoughts with no one to pull me out.


  • Requiem
    Requiem Stay strong, use this time alone to work on becoming the individual youve always wanted to be. There's someone out there for you, they are searching for you the same way you are for them. Eventually you two will find each other and all those lonely...  more
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  • xobrokensmilexoxo13
    xobrokensmilexoxo13 i know the feeling but everyone these days kinda doesn't want true love they just want to use people for sex or rebounds but its pretty hard to find love or just someone
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