Devolution Summer

  • This poem is my criticism of the current "emo scene," that I've noticed among people in my age group or a little younger. I see a lot of cluelessness and materialism. Corporate control over people who are none the wiser. Of course, I think a lot of the people I see have only good intentions, but I feel like they're buying into a lie made by a machine that is trying to suck the individuality and life from them one dollar at a time, and it's simultaneously brutally raping whatever's left of real emo's decaying carcass without any care or mercy... wow, that was extreme. I could rant forever about my thoughts on what's happened to emo, but I'll save that for another day.

    You kids these days

    Are like the kids of yesterday


    Your community is hair dyed black

    Your friends are the right kind of clothes

    Your name is a haircut

    Your God is a puppet with a guitar

    In the corporate firmament

    What was our word and what had it meant?

    Before the suits sold and shipped it far

    Were we once kids with our hearts uncut?

    We lived in basements, defying what the man chose.

    Drones now tear my skin as I try to take it back


    There, only shallowness, you will find.

    You cannot buy a state of mind