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Christmas wish

  • Christmas presents piled high against the wall
    Too many to go under the tree, they might fall
    Glistening ornaments sparkling with the light
    A beautiful window for those driving at night

    Nice decorations adorning the lawn
    A pretty little doe and a real cute fawn
    Christmas lights flashing, coming down the street
    Santa Claus there for everyone to greet

    Two little children, watching out the window next door
    They don’t understand that they are really poor
    Wondering where the beauty is for their yard
    Wondering why their lawn just looks so charred

    Never had a daddy, mommy works all the time
    Mommy cries when the Christmas bells chime
    They write a letter to Santa, asking for a daddy this year
    Maybe under their small tree, he might appear

    So many people less fortunate than us
    In my world, they would have surplus
    No child in the world should ever have tears
    They should be happy without worry and fears.