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  • This is a poem, but don’t be afraid,
    it can’t hurt you. You can read it without
    the slightest obligation. It won’t ask
    you to sign anything or pester you
    for a commitment. It will not expect
    you to sit quietly at your desk with
    your hands folded until the bell rings. You
    can put it on a poster on your wall
    or carry it in your pocket in case
    you ever need a poem or just leave
    it lying around. It is all surface,
    so you don’t have to worry about how
    deep to stick your finger into it. It
    will give you the same answer each time you
    ask it, which is more than you can say for
    most people. It won’t make things better or
    worse. If you think about it, you will be
    thinking of nothing. It just sits there. It
    doesn’t even have a clever ending.