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Ode to the Stars

  • Cry for the lost ones

    Who mourn all their days

    In the night

    Weeping softly

    The stars hold their gaze

    Though they fell far

    From skies' dazzling haze

    We would cry

    For the broken

    Their eyes set ablaze

    At night hear stars calling

    Our echo relays

    Great knowledge

    Deep mystery

    We sing through each age

    How brightly we shimmer

    A glorious maze

    Myriad colors

    Spiraling softly

    All worlds are amazed

    Yet we lament the poor souls

    Who sorrow enslaves

    Growing old

    Losing hope

    Grieving their ways

    Yes wail for the stray ones

    Whose choices' betrays

    Cold heartaches

    Pained failures

    Eyes growing glazed

    Trapped within weakness

    All people life slays

    Leaving stars

    Saddened greatly

    Lost for all days


    *This can be interpreted as being told from a star's point of view, while the “lost ones” represent mankind