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December wish

  • Last night when I slept,

    expecting things to change

    Thought of welcoming December

    and it's own warmth in the chilly nights.

    Kids waiting for their dreams to be fulfilled

    by their unknown yet so known Santas

    and families reuniting after waiting for

    what seems to be a year of uncertainties.

    A year of loss and learnings

    A year of remorse and yearnings

    But dear December,

    you never fail to surprise

    nurturing the smiles amidst cries

    bringing warmth in the rains leaving me mesmerized.

    When I was almost sure of going back

    to snuggles in my favourite warm blanket,

    You woke me up to the warmth of

    the steam from my favourite cup of tea,

    Teaching me that, sometimes chilling

    on a chilly day in the rains with an umbrella

    might not be something on the cards

    but it's exactly the warmth you expected

    from the blanket tucked under the feet.

    And it gives a lesson amidst the differences

    of not only the months but also the seasons

    That if nothing goes like you planned

    don't lose yourself, this time too shall pass

    The best surprises of life comes in gifts that are wrapped,

    Your December has just planned a better forecast !!