Love is pain

  • I can vent but i see no point.

    My writings have no meaning anymore so why bother?

    I found love is pain even when its not the type of love you don't deserve.

    So why even write about it?

    I mean i don't see the point.

    If love is pain then why do people act as if its something they don't know when they have it right under them?

    I see no reason 

    I've just been waiting for years when i could've been talking to ghosts that live in my closet.

    Every single time a love song comes on my ears just have the urge to bleed.

    Is it just me?

    Am i the only one who feels love is pain?

    I feel as if love no longer exist in this world.

    But maybe i'm looking for my lover in the wrong place. 

    But wait love is pain but why do people say love is pretty great.

    Just someone prove to me that love is not just pain