Late night thought about you (ex boyfriend)

  • Shoot me it's hurt a whole lot less then finding out you don't care 

    Kick me in the stomach i'll still love you forever

    Slap me i'll kiss you after

    Say you hate me I'll crawl back into your arms a few minutes late

    Cheat on me a million times I'll be here to pick up the pieces for you 

    Kick me out to the street i promise i'll always come back to you 

    Say your married i'll be the target when your wife finds out you were playing her

    Say no one cares about you i'm still here for you 

    You see this is how much i love you 

    This is how life is for me 

    I'm your backup plan

    Even when i don't believe a word you say

    You want something written about you?

    Sweet? Sad? Honest? I'll write it for you just say the word

    I know i won't ever be enough for you or anyone 

    Instead i take the empty promises you make 

    I don't need you to say you love me anymore 

    I know it's all a lie 

    You can post "she know who she is" i'll know its not me

    So why lie? 

    I mean I'll love you forever 

    You'll care when i'm gone 

    You took me out of your bio the day after 

    I know you so well 

    So don't say you're gonna marry me one day 

    I won't lie it hurts but i love you and i'd jump in front of a moving train for you 

    Even with knowing you never will love me