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The one i let go

  • To the one I let go,
    It's been so long... you will never come back to me. It's been too long, but why does it feel like you're here with me now? Why do you haunt me, when I try to forget you? The feeling of you never stops for too long. I spend all day, and all night in hopes of finding the one that can help me forget you, but I can't find her as long as the memory of you haunts me... So I will let you go. Let all the feelings for you go. The only way to find the one I seek, is for me to forget you, but I will never be able to. Something else that breaks my heart is that I will never see or hear from you anymore. We both know you will never come back to me... good bye. It's time to let you go, so I can find the one that's right for me, and give her all the love I wished to share with you.