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  • All niggas talk about is pussy weed and money
    Where are the niggas that like a girl who cooks,cleans and does his laundry
    "Damn look at her she got an ass"
    Instead of "damn she got her shit together and got class"
    Getting mad when she wants to go out with her friends
    Instead of doing what you want her to do on her knees and hands
    She gets one call from a guy and its world war III
    But when she goes to work you got another girl on her knees
    She gave you all her love and affection
    And all you could give her was an infection
    "Babe can I borrow 10 dollars" he would say
    "I'll see, I got bills to pay"
    No diploma, no job, no money
    But expects you to help 24/7 which is funny
    No desire to do anything with his life
    But wants you to be his wife