Blinded by love

  • I should of seen it from the beginning
    But love made me blind
    The connection between us was thinning
    And I was the one left behind

    2019 was supposed to be a great start
    You and me, the greatest two
    Never thought I'd see us apart
    But I was always the fool

    Deep down I always knew
    But my mind over powers my heart
    Every day my love for you grew
    Always second guessed if it was smart

    December 25th of 2018
    That's the day this all went to hell
    Found out theres another girl who's 15
    You thought you could have me as well

    That day I found out how little you knew me
    A whole year and a half
    You asked me if it could work out
    All I could do was laugh

    Once I was home I started to scream and shout
    I didnt know what to do from there forward
    All I wanted to do was end it all
    But of course that would just make me a coward

    I had no one to call
    So all I did was what came to mind
    I filled the tub with water and sat there
    All emotions mixed together
    I knew if I ended it that wouldn't be fair