Act a fool

  • Where were you
    When I needed you most
    Do you have any clue
    Of the things people post

    Just got told I was being played
    Walked home that night
    It was about to rain
    Cold as hell I might get frost bite

    Boys and girls
    They both act the same
    They make me wanna hurl
    Playing with peoples feelings like its a game

    They wonder why they can't find anyone caring
    They can never be serious
    Yeah at first they seem like darlings
    But along the way they'll make you furious

    As soon as you figure out their game
    They act like they don't know
    Making themselves look super lame
    So you decide to give them a show

    You show them proof of what you're talking about
    The look on their face shows they've been caught
    You ball your fist in anger and wanting to shout
    But you think of what happened the last time you fought

    You think to yourself calm down its not worth it
    Just call him/her a disappointment and walk away

    Next time you know to just let em go
    Keep doing you and focus on school
    From now on just say the word no
    Instead of wasting time on a fool