• White, Hispanic, Asian, black
    We're all judged the same by the way we act
    If you're black you're ghetto and a rapist
    If you're white you're stupid and a fake
    If you're hispanic you're loud and a racist
    If you're Asian you get ignored like its a piece of cake
    Not all of us act the same as others
    To god we are all sisters and brothers
    But most of us humans we don't see it that way
    We pick on the most weak and the gay
    Just cause some girls have short hair
    Their automatically a lesbian
    But how is that fair
    For the girls who can no longer grow their hair again
    Guys with high pitched voices
    Automatically like the same sex
    I thought we had our own choices
    Guess most are marked off with an X
    Gays, bisexuals, and trans get treated like its a devils thing to do
    What happen to the best thing to do is be you
    Deep down we're all fakes and phonies
    Dreaming of how we want society to be
    Like a kid dreaming of a pony
    As happy as can be, like nothing in the world is bad
    But in reality everything going on is just so sad
    When is this world gonna become one
    Everyone getting along and just having fun