I miss you

  • Up above the sky so high
    Like a diamond in the sky
    Is something I would always say
    When I went to church and pray
    On lonely nights I sit and stare
    At the necklace you gave me still hanging there
    I lay down and close my eyes
    Wishing that wasn't our last goodbye
    I start to hear your voice in my head
    Slowly I start to wish I was dead
    To be with you in the world you are in
    Knowing our new lives are about to begin
    I miss the way you would hold me tight
    When you knew I couldn't sleep at night
    The feeling of your arms around my waist
    And your soft lips on my face
    The smell of the fragrance you always wore
    And when you held my hand on the way to the store
    The nights we stayed out late
    I always wished they were dates
    Everytime you would walk me home
    So I wouldn't be alone
    That one night is the one I miss
    When you gave me a goodnight kiss