Sometimes Best Friend

  • How can you know me?
    When I barely know myself
    How can you laugh with me?
    When inside I am crying

    I told you once, how I felt
    Your ice cold heart didn't even melt
    You didn't believe any of the words I said
    You would be surprised when I end up dead

    How can you talk about me?
    When you don't know the real me
    How can you see me?
    When this image is a fake, a lie

    You never like anything I do
    Even though most of it is for you
    My "Sometimes best friend"
    Who is suppose to be with me until the end
    But you leave me all the time
    And never seem to see me behind
    Struggling to stop you
    Hurrying to please you

    You never see my feelings
    Only your own
    This makes me feel unhappy
    But this, you've already known