Geting more helthy

  • DAY 1     Date:  Tuesday/18 /2019

    Hello this blog post will mostly be about me trying to get my self in better shape right know i have started Day 1 of me trying to stay healthy mostly right know i have started drinking more water instead  of soda witch a drink way to much. Im going to start drinking 8 classes of water a day and see if that helps me. Along with drinking more water im going to be calming down on all the hot foods i eat witch i eat a lot a week dosent pass with out me eating something hot. im also gonna start eating when im hungry and drinking when im thirsty usually when i eat its in a big amounts witch im gonna stop. Thats about it for now i hope who ever is reading this ass a nice ass day 


    Day 2 Date:   Wednesday19/2019 

     Hello! me again i dont have very much to say about my health right now but for now i have stayed Ture to my word and i haven't had a drop of soda since yesterday and as of now im enjoying it but i did eat a lot yesterday sadly i eat a lot of junk food along with half a box of pizza hut cheese sticks witch was bad and i need to work on that but its still good today when my dad come home with food im gonna try and not eat it all XD. if your reading this i hope you have a bad ass day