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Shit about me

  • So I'm not here a long time so why not introduce myself. I'm gonna be completely honest so here you go. I'm not really normal, but who is to say what is and what is not normal? Things most people fear or find weird, I love it. I admit, it may be cause of my mental issues or fucked up mind but it's fun. I'm kind of narcissist so yeah, condolence on fucking point man. I love horror movies and other crap like that.
    No I have never been in a relationship but I dont really care. Is there seriously someone out there psycho enough to date me? Um I dont think so. It's pretty hard to get my interest cause I just dont care about usual stuff. I like to talk in sarcasm and decide where to hide body (If you need a tip, I'm here). I also love answering questions cause my narcissistic personality loves talking about myself.
    I have a different taste about wrong and right. Like what's the point of it? What may seem wrong to you, is the best right for me. I have a twisted and dark mind. My expectations of life and living are beyond possible so its boring.
    I kind of run out of ideas what to write here. Did anyone actually even read this?
    But hey, if theres anything you wanna know or whatever just message me. If not, see you in hell mate