Area 51 Conspiracy

  •      Area 51 is controversial for many reasons. It is believed to harbor aliens, military weapons: such as long-

    range nuclear bombs, drones, anti-gravity planes, and even comments of an inter-dimensional doorway. We

    are told that Area 51 is a training base for military personnel, but why don't men and women joining the

    military near the base ever see inside? A training base has rarely been seen with that extent of security. Area

    51 is the size of Connecticut, it has motion sensors, ammonia sensors, heat sensors, it has underground

    tunnels, 24/7 security officers. All of this for a training camp? As everyone already knows, Area 51 is more

    than a military training base. It is common knowledge that in 1947 an identified flying object crashed in

    Roswell, New Mexico. In 1951 the wreckage was moved into Area 51. Government officials decided to move

    dangerous wreckage to a training base? 


           In light on September 20ths Area 51 Raid, the numbers seem improbable. 

    2Million Signed up,

    2Thaousand Show up,

    2Hundred Make it to the gate,

    2People get arrested.


         The chances of everything equaling 2, first we need to think about our situation. Roughly 9 billion people live

    on earth, but Area 51 is in the United States. We'll take the United Sates population into consideration. People

    in other countries aren't as concerned about America as they are themselves. Let's just use the United States.

    329,064,917 people living in the united states. 2,000,000 people signed up for the raid. 2,000,000/329,064,917. That's 0.6077828102% of the United States. 61% of the population. 0.0006077828% of the United States actually showed up. 0.0000607783% made it to the gate. Of the 2,000,000 who signed up, 200 people made it to the gate. That's a -99.99% decrease. The probability of everything adding up to 2 is low. 1/45,000,000 chance that 200 people could make it to the gate. 

         Area 51 is filled with unknown things that deserve to publicized.