• so i wasn't going to write about you


    But i love you

    so fucking much

    and seeing you so broken breaks my heart

    You're my life and she broke you today


    It was like hearing you died and I can't even look at your pictures without crying

    You're mon amour and I miss you

    I can't believe they're not letting me have you

    I can't live without you


    They say you're safe, but the only safe place is here with me 

    I want to be near you, and make sure you're okay

    I wan't to have comfort knowing you're okay


    Instead i sit here knowing she broke you

    knowing she isn't paying for it

    She decided to get intoxicated and break you're heart 


    I didn't protect you

    I could've saved you

    I could've done something 

    I wish I was there to save you


    It's my fault

    It's all my fault... 

    I'm sorry 

    I love you