Emo boyfriend/MeetMe rant

  • Hey everyone I am Alex and this is my first blog so I wanna get started with my meet me rant for those of you that don’t know meet me is a friend finder/streaming app it has been around for a long time and when I was in meet me there was a guy that popped in my recommendations [i am gay btw] and he was hot so I clicked on his stream and then he started chatting with me Over stream and then I left for a while about 1-2 hours and he was so happy I was back so I am kinda getting mixed reactions I am not sure if he was just being nice and he isn’t gay or if he was interested In me
    PART 2
    Emo boyfriend? So you may be confused by hearing that but I have been finding a lot of site like emowire.com or friendproject.net but they are dating sites instead of just a social site sorry if there is any spelling errors I am on mobile and I am very tried xoxo love you guys happy 2020


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  • JackOfAllPlagues
    JackOfAllPlagues I wouldn't read too much into it until you have gotten to know him more, also Meetme is full of fake accounts, bots and people catfishing. I haven't been on there since 2017 and that was pretty much all it was, the streaming part wasn't a feature then,...  more