My rant !

  • So I was talking to one of my friends on here and she was telling me about this girl who I’m not going to name but her name starts with an S anyways she was telling me how she was telling her how she has sex with her dogs and how she is trying to get other girls to do it with her and my rant starts here I’m sorry but that is disgusting and inhuman how could you do that with an animal that is wrong on so many levels and trying to get other people to do it is wrong I get it everybody has fetish but dude that is crazy and wack and wrong to me that’s animal abuse and trying to get other people including girls to do it is wrong and I have talked to other girls on here and they say the same thing as my friend. I’m sorry but if that’s what you do on here is try to get girls to do that with you maybe go on another site. Ew just fucking gross man. Rant over if it offends some people I’m sorry to hear that but I had to address this.


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  • Michael23
    Michael23 Dang dude, sounds like someone blocked you and it hurt your fragile ego.
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