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  • 8 different types of emos

    welcome back suicidal thoughts ; no time long see by unknown 1.The hardcore emo  music is usually intense , screaming music with distorted guitars where you  can't locate the notes.Xd  Does not "rawr x D" but indeed "RawrS D x" 2.The finding Emo A simple game where the urban...
  • How to dress emo in 2020

      Since MCR is finally back together once again and making new albums we will see more emo walking around once again.To be emo you will have to follow these clothing rules to be considered emo 1.put lots of foundation on 2. Throw on contour bitch 3. But in black eyeshadow and black eyeliner...
  • Emo style

    Emo style Emo refers to mostly teens during a hardship or emotional phase in their lives. Emo style gives an individual more angst to express than they otherwise might. In every emo genre it is recommended that you listen to music, and wear clothing,makeup,and hair to be part of this culture. But, ...
  • Emo hangout

    If u live in Arizona and want to join a emo group please message me and all ages are welcome 
  • Emo hangout

    If you like to be in a emo hang out and live in Arizona please text me
  • Emo style

    Emo style Emo refers mostly to teens with a challenging life phase.The Emo style gives an individual an outlet