How to dress emo in 2020


    Since MCR is finally back together once again and making new albums we will see more emo walking around once again.To be emo you will have to follow these clothing rules to be considered emo

    1.put lots of foundation on

    2. Throw on contour bitch

    3. But in black eyeshadow and black eyeliner on eye lid and under eye

    4. Eyebrows are required to finish the Emo makeup

                                 Clothing in closet

    1. Throw on leather jacket, shirt with stripes, skinny jeans, need a drip necklace or another antique necklace in case of you don't have drips

    Then but on a wild animal ring like insects or fantasy animals, put on studded belt and throw on  beanie hat XD

    When going out in the community people will recognize that you belong to the Emo subculture.