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8 different types of emos

  • welcome back suicidal thoughts ; no time long see by unknown

    1.The hardcore emo

     music is usually intense , screaming music with distorted guitars where you  can't locate the notes.Xd

    confused.png Does not "rawr x D" but indeed "RawrS D x"

    2.The finding Emo

    A simple game where the urban communities would play to find the results

    They're just figuring it out, mang 

    crying.png3.The Emu

    Emus are a large native bird in Australia

    10000% is a bitch 

    4.The Tumblr Aesthetic Emo

    Always postes memes or other emo art/ artists

    If they run a self described " niche meme page" this is them

    5.That One Edge Lord

    A poser on the internet which expresses opinions strongly on nihilistic and Tyler Durden's special snowflake

    Who was going to shoot up the school

    6.  That Emoboo

    Someone who is in anime and wants to die

    ironically fapping to hentai, right

    7. Highkey Hipster 

    A person who is emo but acts and thinks of peace

    So undrgrnd thy r ded 

    8. Edgy Nerd

    They don't really attend/ participate in the Emo subculture  

    Just a geek with a cool haircut