A Rant About Shitty People and How you Shouldn't Listen to Them

  • I'm so tired of people being the fakest assholes. I know that not everyone is perfect, and no one is wholely good except in books and movies, but fuck man. Is it that hard to not go behind people's backs? Is it hard to avoid putting people down just so no one is happier than you? This isn't directed at anyone in particular on this site, but rather in general.

    I've been dealing with all the really toxic people I know lately and I've noticed a strong pattern. Either they think they're perfect little snowflakes that can't do anything wrong, or they cant let anyone be happy because they aren't happy. Nine times out of ten, this specific person can easily fix their own problems since they start all of their own drama, but instead complain about it or lash out at others cause they cant get their own shit together for five minutes. At this point, I'm convinced that they don't know how to NOT act this way.

    This post isn't just a rant, though. For anyone else going through dealing with people like this take my advice and try your best to distance yourself from them. Some people may be different, but at least in my case the people in my life who are like this cannot be helped or saved from themselves. Then again, I'm really in no place to talk I guess, seeing as I'm still in full contact with them.

    Anyways, in general, I just wish people in this world weren't complete assholes and didn't spout bullshit every chance they got to do so. Our society is fucked and it seems very few people actually want to change what's wrong.


    Happy Holidays everyone. Don't let people bring you down and I wish ya'll the best this holiday.