• I was recently dignosed with endometriosis and also vircose vein diease.  It is rare that I have this cause it usually only affects females who have already have kids or is in their 30s or older.. but no here I am at 24 ( had this pain for 4  yrs) and no kids... also this is an uncurable so we can only treat it for so long... but they could have falied... surgery is an option and will be very painful... I am a ticking time bomb cause they r so purple n swollen that they can explode and cause me to bleed out anytime.... I will have this for the rest of my life... it causes chronic pain and depression also can stop me from walking if it gets to bad.  So for now take it day by day


  • TravisTouchdown3
    TravisTouchdown3 That sucks dude. All i can say is do your best to have a happy day and take it one day at a time. Dont give up
    Mar 14 - Report
  • Dcool1
    Dcool1 aww thts a tought time. you got this and we got you, if you feel low
    Mar 15 - Report