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  • Emos Screamos: Conformists Suck

    Emo leaned against the lockers. He was listening to Hawthorne Heights on his phone. His earphones were plugged in. Blasting the music. Tapping his foot to the drum beats. His arms were crossed. A jock wearing a blue and white sports jacket and jeans was shoving a nerd against some lockers. The nerd...
  • Emo Screamos: Hot Topic

    After five long boring high school days, the three emos were walking down the street. Siren had called Emo so that she, him, and Ash can hangout together at the mall on Saturday.
  • Emos Screamos: Goth & Emo War

    The emo couple and goth couple stood apart from each other. Glaring at their poserness and nonconformist shit. "Who are you?" ,said Siren. "I'm Poison. This is my boyfriend Rain." Poison pointed at her goth boyfriend. "This is Ash and I'm Siren. What are you doing in our hangout spot?" "Your hangout...
  • Emos Screamos

    Siren, an emo 'queen', and Ash, an emo 'king', were walking down the hall of their lame high school. Preps, jocks, and nerds were heading to their friends, lockers, or whatever rooms those normies had to go to. Except for the nerds. They're cool. Siren held her sketchbook with her black backpack hav...