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Emos Screamos

  • Siren, an emo 'queen', and Ash, an emo 'king', were walking down the hall of their lame high school. Preps, jocks, and nerds were heading to their friends, lockers, or whatever rooms those normies had to go to. Except for the nerds. They're cool. Siren held her sketchbook with her black backpack having an imprint of a fish skeleton with X's for eyes and a pink skull cat below it. She sighed. "I hate Mondays." "You hate everything." ,said Ash. He had a dark purple backpack with Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, and Sunny Day Real Estate stitched on in spooky black and white font. Stitched by his own hands. He loved to knit but whatever. The bell rang for third period. She said, "Math fucking blows." "So does Science." They sighed. He said, "Wanna go to Sunset Park?" "God! Why can't they call it something else? Nobody even uses that dumpster park anymore." "I know but-" "Yeah, I'm going." "Awesome."

    Skipping third period, they were at the barely used park where they sat on a wooden bench that was splintered and worn down. "This is so much better than being in class with those preps." "I only wish we had some Rockstar." Siren opened her backpack. "Always be prepared for pain." She handed him a Rockstar. She opened the other one. Taking a large drink. Ash flipped his hair. It went down like always. Partially covering his eye but not really. "I don't get why people don't just kill themselves already. We are all going to die someday." "Why don't we do it now?" ,asked Siren. "Nah. I'm not really into it." "Ok."

    They sat there in silence. Staring at the abandoned playground. Ash gulped down a couple of sips. He set his Rockstar on the bench. He jumped off the table. "Whoa! Do you see that?" "What are you talking about?" "There's like something black there." "Let's check it out." They walked to the trees that stood close together. Creeping up from the old weird workout equipment, the ultimate emo couple saw a teenage girl and boy wearing all black. The girl had a ripped dress with a corset and black shaped bangs that looked like a duck's V formation. She had a bridge piercing. The boy had spiky large black hair and wore jeans, a fishnet shirt, and leather jacket. A silver cross necklace hung from his neck. He had a septum piercing and eyebrow piercing. Both had their nails painted black.

    The couple stood. Glaring at the emo couple. "Oh god!"




    The goth and emo war was on.