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Emos Screamos: Goth & Emo War

  • The emo couple and goth couple stood apart from each other. Glaring at their poserness and nonconformist shit. "Who are you?" ,said Siren. "I'm Poison. This is my boyfriend Rain." Poison pointed at her goth boyfriend. "This is Ash and I'm Siren. What are you doing in our hangout spot?" "Your hangout spot? This is ours. We write poetry here." ,said Rain. "Uh no, you don't. We sit here and think about how our lives suck." ,said Ash.

    "Oh really? Well, now it's our abandoned park." Poison stuck a middle finger to them. They glared. "Ugh! Whatever. You're both tools." ,said Siren. "We'll be back." "Like do we even care?" ,said Rain. The emo couple left the park pissed off. "Those douchebags are gonna pay for this!" She clenched her fists. Ash smirked. "I think I know what to do." "What?" "First, we're going to need some help." "From who? We don't know anyone. They're all a bunch of dicks."

    "Did you forget? There's a new emo in town." Her eyes widen. "Oh my god!"

    Returning to the high school, they entered fourth period late. Their English teacher gave them late slips. "God! This freaking blows!" ,said Siren. "Maybe next time don't be late." ,said their teacher. She rolled her eyes. They sat at the far back. An emo dude with black hair and neon blue dyed stripes was sitting in front of Ash. He wore a black t-shirt that had an emo boy hanging by a noose with a bleeding heart next to his body. His dark red jeans were ripped. He had purple converse with drawn on sharpie broken hearts all over. He wore black and white checkered fingerless sleeves. His grey backpack said 'Emo Boyz' in pink monster font text all over with white skulls everywhere.

    "Hey." The new emo turned. The moment he saw Ash, he was stunned. "Whoa! I thought I was the only emo here." "Same but now there's three of us." ,said Siren. "We have a plan and we want you to be a part of it." ,said Ash. "Cool, what is it?" "First, what's your name?" "I'm Emo." "We know that but what's your name?" ,said Siren. "No, that's my name." Ash was shocked. "Your name is Emo? That's so cool." "Yeah, my mom is emo. She works at hot topic." "That's freaking awesome. What about your dad?" ,said Siren. "Dead." "Oh." There was a long amount of silence.

    "So, do you want to take back our hangout from some goth douches?" ,asked Ash. Emo smiled for the first time in a long time. It really hurt. "Yeah."

    The next day, after skipping third period, the three emos went to their hangout. Emo and Ash were holding a bucket of pink paint in each of their hands. They snuck by to the trees where the goth couple was writing and reading their poems. Siren nodded at Ash and Emo. The emo guys threw the paint. The goth couple screamed. They got up. They were covered in pink paint. The poems on the journals were covered up. They glared. "You fuckers!" ,shouted Poison. "Go ahead and have your stupid park!" Rain pointed at them. "We'll be back!" "And we'll have more paint." ,said Siren.

    The goth couple left.

    The emo couple and their new friend high fived. "Wanna listen to some MCR with Rockstar?" ,asked Ash. "Fuck yeah!" ,said Emo. A new depressing friendship had been born.