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new to this site, emo is my existence and so ive found home

  • ahh holy fuck im glad I found this site. I'm a little bit complex as a person so i figured that this would help. 

    I'm transgender (male to female) and have been actively in transition (hormones) since about 2019. I always had this internal identity as a scene girl and so the fact that I'm doing this is a major dream come true for me. 

    My life currently, consists of going to college full time, I'm hoping to get a degree in psychology or social work and hopefully work mostly with triage care in hospital. I highly doubt i would be a good therapist as I have a long ass history of being a patient in hospital, and mental illness in general XD. I'm just looking for a place to meet people as I don't leave my apartment often unless I'm going to class, its not exactly a bad thing for me though. 

    I've been through alot, especially by the standard of a 21 year old. Runaways, near fatal suicide attempts, too many hospital visits to count, near-abusive conditions as a child (my family and I are all on good terms these days though an thats all that matters)

    anyway if you want to message me I don't bite, I get bitten XD

    Fav bands: Penfold, Algernon Cadwallader, moose blood, the promise ring, midwest pen pals, the get up kids, Desdemona (sin circle records), breaking benjamin, older green day, older sleeping with sirens, stuff like that. 

    On a side note, I'm generally more comfortable and willing to open up to other women, primarily because I'm becoming one and therefore, its easier for me to relate in alot of ways.