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  • Kiddie, come close, entrapped, my dream,
    An exhaled breath, raspy on my throat,
    Cleanly, neat, but something wrong,
    When you say my name,
    Cutting deep, a croak.
    All I know is wonder,
    But I wonder how long,
    And overly dramatic,
    And bleeding me as I run roght through you
    Losing self control,
    Will I feel this way forever,
    As my heart, its pass,
    Shattered into glass,
    And ran away,
    Over and over
    My endless decay, all seems like forever
    Passing through these indifferent ways,
    Lost to time, running round and round,
    My tune, followed endlessly past,
    Why are you so far away,
    but closely dreaming, eternally,
    To me,
    (For all of my guilt,)
    I cry, terroristic, malliced eyes
    A thoughtless night,
    And lawless end